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SC Ready Field Test


To: Parents of 3rd, 4th and 5th graders only From: Alison Churm, Bethany Elementary School Date: April 6th, 2017
SC READY field test

This note is to inform you that on Wednesday, April 19th, Third, Fourth, and Fifth graders only will participate in a SC READY field test for writing. The students will complete one TDA (text dependent analysis). A TDA test item gives students the opportunity to read a selection and analyze the text to answer questions with support or proof from the selection. Students have been completing this type of assignment in class. There are two purposes for this field test. First, the state will have an opportunity to test potential questions for future use. Second, the students will have a “practice” day before the test is formally evaluated. The district will not receive any formal evaluation results from this field test.

Our third, fourth and fifth grade students will be involved with testing for the larger part of the morning. Families, we need your help. On this day, we will follow a testing environment protocol. We ask to have no visitors in the building and we also ask for parents to make every effort to avoid the 19th of April for any appointments that can be rescheduled. On the night before the test, please encourage your child to have a full night’s rest and help them to enjoy a healthy breakfast. We appreciate your support.

If you have questions, please call Mrs. Allen at 810-8803. Thank you for supporting Bethany!