* INDUCTION (High School) Visit the link to see our high school induction program procedures.
* BASIC (Middle School)

Behavior Adjustment through Specific Instruction on Character (BASIC)

-   All candidates accepted into the academy will attend our BASIC class.  It is designed to build student self-esteem, character education, improve behavior, and self-discipline through the use of several experiential learning techniques.

-   All students will have report to BASIC during Academy Time to complete the program requirements.  

-   Students will be expected to participate in a wide variety of physical and educational activities.

-   All candidates will remain in this phase for at least one week or until successful as determined by the Director. 

-   No more than one absence is allowed during each Basic period. Students who miss more than one day must repeat the Basic
Successful Completion of the program is based on the exhibition of the following items:Self Discipline

Ø Respect and Self Discipline

Ø Full Participation and 100% effort

Ø Knowledge of norms, rules, and policies of BEA