Our Mission

The aim of the technology department in supporting the goals and beliefs of Clover School District is to provide superior technical and instructional support to the students, teachers and staff of our district.

Clover schools are fortunate to have classrooms that are fully outfitted with Promethean interactive whiteboards and all of their accessories. We have also made a commitment to mobile computing by providing laptops to all teachers and administrators and maintaining at least two mobile student labs in addition to the stationary ones.  The district is also moving to be 1:1 with Apple technologies for the 2014-15 school year.  For more information on Clover's Connected Classroom, click here.

Meet the members of our department…

Name Title
Matt Hoffman Executive Director of Technology
Beth Goff Director of Instructional Technology
Andy Cauble Mobile Device Manager
Cindi Decker PowerSchool Specialist
Andy Stokely Computer Networking Engineer
Charlie Walker
Operations Manager
Casey Lefler
Technology Integration Specialist
Kathy Miller Technology Integration Specialist
Bill Pratt Technology Integration Specialist
Linda Brown Technician
Jonathon Dean
T'Rone Gibson Technician
John Robert McCarter Technician
Mack Owens Technician
Cindy Sims
Shakkia Walker
Long Trinh