Impulse Control Institute

“Don’t do something stupid in the present that can ruin your life in the future” – Author Unknown

Are you constantly questioning the actions of many students/kids around you? Do you find yourself, throughout the day, uttering “Why in the world did you do that?” to young men and women who should’ve known better? Have you ever wondered if what you said went in one ear and out the other? If your answer to either question is “yes,” then you are not alone!

In a society in which immediate gratification seems to have become the norm, more and more children lack the essential skills to control their impulses - not because they are incapable of doing such but because they have not learned how.  The Impulse Control Institute (ICI) is a 12 week program designed to provide the necessary tools for educators, parents, and other stakeholders to assist children with the development of impulse control. Using Dr. Tonia Casselman’s book Impulse Control Activities and Worksheets the ICI will help students begin to become the masters of themselves and their impulsive behaviors.         

See a list of Resourses used in ICI or visit the Photo Gallery to see pictures from various sessions.