High School Induction Program

The Induction Program was created to provide students an opportunity to develop relationships with staff members within their very first days as Blue Eagle Academy students. Students are required to meet with several staff members at BEA and conduct interviews with these individuals to gain knowledge on how each person fits into the plan. This process allows for students to realize upfront the expectations of the Academy and how to be successful while here. The following meetings will be held and this document will become a part of the student’s portfolio.


Orientation (middle and high)
- Administration - (Overview) This first series of meetings with Mr. Massey and Ms. Dunlap will review procedures and protocol for BEA. It will also be used to establish short term goals for the student and how BEA will ensure these are accomplished. Mr. Massey will review vote-back information and Ms. Dunlap will discuss BEA do’s and don’ts along with general household rules for each student.


Administrative Monitor – (Materials and procedures) Our front office assistant will conduct a meeting to discuss our procedures for class changes, hallway expectations and arrival/exit procedures to include the tardy policy. Expectations for uniform and dress code along with provision of book bag and other materials for classes will be completed during this session. A discussion will also be held with student on student information (addresses and phone updates) and PowerSchool.


Behavior Interventionist – (Behavior Profile) Our behavior specialist will review the Choice Theory information and gauge what how each student’s behavior is related to a desire to satisfy a need. She will explain her role at BEA and how our parenting classes will work each semester. 


Counselor – (Interest Inventory) Our high school counselor will discuss transcripts and continue the development of a long range plan for graduation depending on student level. He will use a quick interview questions to find where the students career interests lie and began to piece together a plan to get there.


Academic Assistance Team – (Learning Profile) A meeting with specialists (Wade or Wright) will provide strengths and weaknesses for each student based on answers to interview questions and review of records. A learning profile will be develop to help us target assistance in core areas where needed and to diagnose any possible need for Student Intervention Team review.


Health Professional – (Health Screen) Our nurse will meet with each student briefly to discuss her role and any issues pertinent to student health. Her rules and procedures will also be provided during this sit down and she can assist in referrals to outside agencies if necessary.


School Resource Officer – (Security) Our school resource officer will meet with each incoming student as well to discuss appropriate choices and talk about any prior involvement with law enforcement. Safety procedures and protocol will be reviewed along with any questions the student may have concerning the expectations during emergency situations on campus.


Character Coach (Middle School Counselor) – The Ripple Effects program will be presented and discussed with each student by our character coach.  The student will have an opportunity to run through a module on this program in an area designated by staff. The counselor will also explain how he will support teachers if needed when disciplinary issues arise.


Each core area teacher will be responsible for spending a planning period with each new student discussing a particular area as outlined below. The student will spend one period for the next few days in each class. The rotation can be altered but each of area must be covered.


High School Teachers

(Portfolio) Students will be provided with the portfolio rubric and deadlines for turning in documents. Mrs. Haynes will also provide the overall plan for portfolio presentation for high school students.


(Apex) The rules for student work and how to keep pace in the system will be discussed in this meeting. Ms. Gainey will also provide more detail on technology policies and BEA’s expectations for APEX.


(Intramurals & Awards) Mr. Neely will provide detail for students on how BEA’s intramural and incentive programs work in high school. He will also list out the initial requirements for participation and how students remain eligible.

 (Incentives) Coach Daigle will share with students how our incentive program works in the high school. Students will be given the criteria upfront and provided examples on how to become eligible.