Weclome to 8th Grade Computer Applications:

Objective - During this 18 weeks course students will utilize MS Office products; MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Publisher to create documents, communicate effectively, analyze data and present ideas.  Students will demonstrate an ability to utilize the Internet as a research tool.  Students will create multifaceted projects that combine knowledge of all technological tools with business applicatins in mind: marketing, accounting and finance.   Students will become proficient in intergrating these applications as well as using the Internet to complete specific assignments.  Assignments will be individual as well as cooperative, dependent upon the goals and objectives



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7:40 – 8:15

Eagle Pride

1st   8:25-9:10

2nd  9:14-9:59

8th Grade Computer Applications


9:59 – 10:57




3rd  10:57 – 11:42

4th  11:46 -  12:31

5th  12:31 – 1:23


7th Grade Computer Applications


EBN – Eagle Broadcasting News



6th 1:53 – 2:38

7th 2:42 – 3:27

6th Grade Keyboarding


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