Meet Special Services! 

Debbie Caskey

Deborah Caskey

Name: Debbie Caskey

Classroom: 130

Subject(s): Special Education (SC)


Phone Number: 803.631.8330







Jenny Evans

 Jenny Evans

Name: Jenny Evans


Subject(s): Kindergarten


Phone Number:





Allison Welch

Allison Welch

Name: Allison Welch

Classroom: 124

Subject(s): Reading Recovery

Grade(s): All

Phone Number: 803-631-8324







Catherine Dillon

Catherine Dillon

Name: Catherine Dillon

Classroom: B106 (CCE); (OES)
Subject: ESOL
Grade(s): K-5
Phone Number:
(803) 810-8500 (CCE); (803) 631-8400 (OES)
Canvas Page:


Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee
Special Education Assistant

School Pic

Name: Sarah Cichy

Classroom: Room 131

Subject(s): Special Education

Grade(s): 3-4

Phone Number: 803-631-8300
Welcome back to the 2015-2016 school year!  
       My name is Mrs. Cichy and I was born and raised in New Jersey. I have been in the South for 5 years and I will never go back! I am a local resident and love teaching where I live. 
       This is my third year at Bethel Elementary.  I have also taught in New Jersey and North Carolina. In my spare time I love to exercise, take Zumba classes and relax. I live with my husband and my dog Cooper. On the weekends I love to shop and go to Starbucks! I also love to watch movies and travel. 
I wish you all the best for the 2015-2016 school year and hope you will come visit us soon! 









Ashley Moore

Mrs. Moore

Name: Ashley Moore


Subject(s): Academic Assistance


Phone Number:(803)631-8300

Sue Shepherd

Sue Shepherd

Name: Sue Shepherd

Classroom:  120

Subject(s): Speech Therapy

Grade(s):  2nd through 5

Phone Number:  803-631-8321